Why can't I find my favorite Bounty paper towel variety?  

To find a store that carries your favorite Bounty paper towel variety, click on Products at the top of this screen, select the product you’re interested in, and then click the “Buy Now” button on that page. Because stores decide for themselves which Bounty paper towel varieties they carry, you might want to mention your preference to the store manager. It’s also possible that the paper towel you prefer is temporarily sold out or available only during a particular season.

What designs are currently available?  

We currently have our Everyday prints available, and will continue to offer new Seasonal and Licensed designs throughout the year. Our previous Licensed prints have included Disney Frozen paper towels and most recently, Despicable Me 3 paper towels! Keep an eye out for our current Licensed print, available now. You can always check out all our latest prints here, and don’t forget, Bounty Quilted Napkins are also available in our Everyday and Seasonal designs!

Have Bounty paper towels and napkins changed recently?  

Yes! We’ve recently upgraded our paper towels and they are now even more absorbent so you can clean faster! You may also notice the towels now feel thicker. We’ve also improved the embossed design on our sheets and added color banners to the package to make it easier for you to distinguish between full sheets and Select-A-Size sheets – rolls of full sheets now have a green banner, while Select-A-Size have a blue one. As for the napkins – they now look and feel thicker and more durable when you use them.

Why can’t I find Bounty with Dawn?

You may be asking what happened to Bounty paper towels with Dawn? Our Bounty with Dawn paper towels have since been discontinued. We understand how much you loved Bounty with Dawn, which is why we know you’ll love using our Bounty paper towelsBounty Basic paper towelsBounty DuraTowel and Bounty Napkins.

Are Bounty products recyclable and biodegradable?  

Yes, all our paper towels and napkins, as well as the outer packaging, are recyclable.  Our paper towels and napkins are biodegradable. We measure the biodegradability of our products using a composting test developed by the US Composting Council. Under these conditions, Bounty will biodegrade in 60 days or less. 

Is it true that Bounty makes napkins?  

Yes, Bounty does make napkins. Bounty Quilted Napkins have the quilts and strength we've all come to trust. See all of the everyday and seasonal designs.

How can I contact Bounty with questions or comments?  

Please visit the Contact Us page to pass along any questions or comments you have about Bounty. To speak with a consumer relations representative in the U.S., call 1-800-926-8689 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, and mention that you visited our website.