Making Our Products Sustainably


When you use Bounty paper towels, you are making a responsible choice. None of us should have to choose between using the products we enjoy today and what we all need to preserve for tomorrow.

100% of the virgin fiber in Bounty comes from sources that have been third party certified.

And, we can do more. That’s why we commit to go beyond what it takes to make Bounty to create collective solutions that have a greater impact on people, forests and the world.

We pledge to: Go beyond to protect, grow and restore forests globally

Increase our use of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified fiber to 75% across all Family Care brands by 2025

We will nearly double the amount of our FSC certified fiber commitment to 75% by 2025. Bounty will also help grow the FSC fiber supply to drive positive impacts within the forest products industry. Additionally we will continue to source fiber that is certified to other leading international forest certification standards that help protect and enhance forests.

Promote adoption of FSC forestry standards and help grow supply
We will support FSC in driving adoption and implementation of their standards to further protect forests, local communities, and endangered species. We will focus our efforts in Canada and the U.S. working with NGO’s, landowners, suppliers and governments to increase the number of forest acres that are FSC certified.

Protect and grow certified forests globally
We are working to train private landowners on the value of certification and make certification more accessible to them.

• In the Southeastern U.S., we co-created the Carolinas Working Forest Conservation collaborative along with American Forest Foundation. We are also increasing FSC certification through support of the FSTOA (Four States Timber Owners Association) in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.
• In the Eastern and Midwestern U.S., we support the Working Woodlands collaborative with The Nature Conservancy.
• In Brazil, we are exploring opportunities with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and its Global Forest & Trade Network, through our parent company, P&G, to define and develop Forest Positive approaches and further our Go Beyond strategy.

Restore forests damaged by wildfires
We are helping the Arbor Day Foundation plant two million trees via their California Wildfire Restoration project. Over 40 years, the impact of these trees will result in:

• Over 23,000 metric tons of carbon sequestered (equivalent of taking 50,089 cars off the road)
• 235 million gallons of water filtered (equivalent of filtering one day’s worth of water for 85% of Americans)
• Over 1,000 pounds of air pollutants absorbed.

Go beyond to help make sustainable solutions easier for families.

Invest in fiber innovation
We are investing a total of $20 million by 2025 to accelerate research into non-wood fiber alternatives and FSC certified fast-growing fibers. Our goal is to develop fibers that are consumer preferred, sustainably sourced, and can be produced at scale. We will work with external experts to strengthen these efforts and find disruptive solutions. We aspire to include greater than 50% of these environmentally preferred fibers in our products.

Raise awareness of forest certified products
We are using our social channels and packaging to raise awareness of the importance of purchasing forest certified products.

Use recycled fiber without trade-offs in product quality and user experience
We will use 100% recycled fiber in our fiber-based packaging by 2025. Fiber based packaging is the best way to re-use fiber while creating a product that people prefer.

Go beyond to deliver a greater impact to people, communities and the planet.

Support U.S. manufacturing and sourcing
All Bounty products are made in the U.S. Along with Charmin and Puffs, we help support a network of over 3,500 American jobs.

Invest in local community recycling to help create circular solutions
We are committed to helping communities increase recycling recovery and use, creating local circular solutions. P&G has joined the Beyond 34 coalition to improve recycling rates in local U.S. communities.

Reduce our manufacturing footprint, supporting healthier communities and planet
We are focused on reducing the impact of manufacturing operations by investing in more renewable energy options, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving our water use efficiency and identifying additional circular solutions based on partnerships for our waste and water. Specifically, by 2030:

• All of our purchased electricity will be renewable
• We will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50%
• We will decrease water use by 35% per unit of production, vs. our 2010 usage

Plants in our network in Mehoopany, PA, and Oxnard, CA generate their own electricity from residual heat during paper production. In addition, 100% of the required steam energy for the Albany, GA site in our network is made from renewable biomass. We also commit to maintain the zero waste to landfill status across 100% of our sites that we expect to achieve by end of 2019.

We’re proud of what we have achieved so far:

• Ethical Supply Chain award 2018, presented by the Supply Chain Excellence Award
• Sustainability Leadership award and Sustainability Initiative of the Year award 2018, presented by the Business Intelligence Group
Friend of the Forest award 2018, presented the Arbor Day Foundation