Daily Cleaning Routine and Checklist

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Daily Cleaning Routine and Checklist

Daily Cleaning Routine Checklist
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Keeping your house clean can seem overwhelming at times. A daily quick cleaning checklist can help you hit the high points, and before you know it, your home will be continuously clean. Even your weekly cleaning sessions, as well as your marathon seasonal cleaning sessions, will become easier because you'll be able to keep up with the little stuff all along.

What You'll Need:

Empty Spray Bottle
White Vinegar
Bounty Paper Towels
Gallon Sized Zip Plastic Bags


Cleaning your house is one thing, but what about how to clean you house fast? Here are some quick cleaning tips to accomplish this.

Make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning. This should always the first thing on your daily cleaning schedule. It can be as simple as just pulling up the sheets and comforter. Don't make it too complicated so you can keep up with it.

Toss your dirty clothes in the hamper. If your clothes are clean, put them away before you leave the bedroom.

Straighten up any flat surfaces, such as your nightstands and dresser tops.

Fill an empty spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water to make your own shower cleaner. Spray your shower with this cleaner on a daily basis, right after you shower.

Make your own pre-moistened cleaning cloths. Fold up several Bounty Paper Towels and put them inside a gallon sized zip plastic bag. Add two parts water and one part white vinegar to the bag, just enough to moisten the paper towels. Zip the plastic bag and store it under the bathroom sink. Make a second one for the kitchen. Use your pre-moistened cleaning cloths in the bathroom to wipe clean the sink and the counter after you're through for the day.

Use a second homemade pre-moistened cleaning cloth to wipe down the toilet seat. Swish the toilet brush in the toilet bowl and you're done in the bathroom.

Empty the dish drainer or the dishwasher if they are full. If there are any dishes in the sink, put them in the dishwasher, or quickly wash them and set them in the drainer to dry.

Wipe down countertops and the stove with your pre-moistened cleaning cloths.

Hang dishtowels and dishrags to dry.

Fluff and straighten the sofa cushions.

Clear any clutter away from flat surfaces and tables. With practice, you can get your quick cleaning checklist done in 15 minutes or less before you leave for work. When you get home, you'll have a clean house to greet you.