Woman cleaning cabinet glass with Bounty paper towel
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Not every budget can afford a maid service! Professionals use several tips and tricks to make the unsavory task of cleaning both quick and thorough. Are you ready to clean your house like a professional? Here are time saving methods the pros use!

What You’ll Need:

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Powdered Cleanser
Sanitizing Spray
Glass Cleaner
Carpet Foaming Spray
Bounty Paper Towels
Single-Use Toilet Scrub Brushes


So, you want some professional house cleaning tips? First off, get a professional house cleaning checklist and work from top to bottom. This means dusting ceilings and cleaning above windows first, wiping down furniture and appliances second, and cleaning floors and baseboards last. With this method you won't spread dust and dirt to areas you've already cleaned.

We all want to learn how to clean a house fast, but we must let time do the scrubbing. As soon as you enter the room to clean, apply cleanser to areas that will need extra scrubbing. For example, when cleaning a bathroom, first put toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl and sprinkle powdered cleanser on tough water stains in the sink. Let them soak while you wash the windows, wipe down surfaces, and mop the floor.

Use simple cleaning products. Hauling a bucket of 10 different bottles of cleanser around the house isn't necessary. Clean your house like a professional by using one sanitizing spray that's safe for all surfaces, a glass cleaner to reduce streaking, and a carpet foaming spray to touch up rugs and carpets. That's all you really need.

Save time by using disposable cleaning tools; Bounty Paper Towels,single-use toilet scrub brushes, and inexpensive sponges make cleaning fast. Plus, it's more sanitary than waiting until you have a stockpile of dirty towels and rags to fill a load of laundry.