Two birds sitting on a branch
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Bird Feeder DIY

Did you use up the last of the Bounty Paper Towels? Don't toss out the cardboard tube. Your children can easily convert the empty roll into two bird feeders. This DIY project is perfect for crafting outside on a patio table.

Adult supervision required.

What You Need:

Bounty Paper Towel Tube
Bounty Paper Towels
Creamy Peanut Butter
Butter Knives
Hole Punch
Colorful Yarn
Safety Scissors


Step One: Remove and Half Cardboard

Help a child trim the cardboard tube in half with a pair of safety scissors to make two bird feeders. Another child can use a hole punch to add two openings to one end of each tube. Have a child place the holes directly across from one another on each tube.

Step Two: Smear Peanut Butter On Each Tube

Show the children how to carefully hold butter knifes and evenly smooth the peanut butter on the exterior of the tubes. Keep a damp Bounty paper towel handy to wipe sticky fingers.

Step Three: Pour a Thick Layer of Birdseed on a Plate

Let the children roll each tube in the birdseed. Tell them to make sure all the peanut butter gets covered with seeds. The more seeds, the happier the birds will be.

Step Four: Trim a piece of colorful yarn for each bird feeder

Choose the length of yarn based on where you want to display the bird feeders. For a low-hanging feeder, use a long piece of yarn. To tie the paper towel bird feeder near a branch, use a short piece of yarn.

Step Five: Place Bird Feeders Outside

Hang the feeders in trees, or in a flower garden where birds tend to flock. Next time you run out of paper towels, get crafty and make more bird feeders!

DIY Planters

Instead of tossing out your empty paper towel rolls, consider using them for paper towel roll crafts that you can do with the kids. There are so many things you can do with these rolls, even plant your own mini garden using the rolls to create fun characters. This craft will not only entertain your kids, but also help them develop their green thumb.

Adult supervision required.

What You Need:

Empty Bounty Paper Towel Rolls
Cress Seeds or Similar
Cotton Balls
Scrap Fabric and Glue (Optional)
Craft Sticks
Egg Dye (Optional)
Safety Scissors
Double-Sided Tape
Fine Sand Paper


Step One: Cut The Paper Towel Roll In Half

Cut the craft sticks in half and sand the cut edges so they are no longer rough. Crack the eggs near the top so the majority of the eggshell remains intact. Empty and wash out the inside.

Step Two: Glue On Stick Halves

Glue two craft stick halves on one end of the paper towel roll and allow to dry. This will be the base, or the feet, of your people planters. Use the markers and decorate the rolls anyway you like. If you want, use scrap fabric to make clothing for your people. You may also dye the eggs and draw on a face at this stage.

Step Three: Tape Ends Of Rolls

Place double-sided tape around the end of the roll that does not have the craft sticks. Insert the egg in this end as far as you can without using too much force. The open end of the egg should face up.

Final Step

Break apart some of the cotton balls and place one inside the eggshell. Drop a few cress seeds inside the egg and water. Care for the seeds according to packet instructions and watch as your people planter grows hair. Share your paper towel roll.