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Natural cleaning tips are growing in popularity. Increasing numbers of people view green cleaning products as an alternative to some commercial cleaning products. Fortunately, you can clean with just a few household items, either used alone or in combination with Bounty. It’s a way to get not only a clean home, but also a healthier home as well. Also, natural cleaning, also called "green cleaning," can save money. With so many benefits to natural cleaning, many people are embracing the idea of cleaning their homes or apartments naturally.

What You'll Need:

Baking Soda
Bounty Paper Towels


Soft Toothbrush
Shaving Cream

Mild Dish Soap


Natural cleaning products are always a must. Use baking soda as a natural non-abrasive cleaner. You can use this less expensive option to scrub pots, clean countertops, and whiten porcelain. Simply sprinkle a little baking soda on the surface you want to clean and wipe with a damp Bounty Paper Towels. Use a clean, wet paper towel to wipe off the residue.

Clean pots, dishes, countertops, stovetops, sinks, tubs, and almost any other surface with white vinegar. Mix one cup of vinegar with one cup of water. Vinegar stinks while you are cleaning, but the smell goes away when it dries. As a bonus, it deodorizes the surfaces you clean. Vinegar is also a great glass cleaner. Just spray it full strength on the glass and wipe with Bounty Paper Towels.

Brighten stainless steel fixtures with white toothpaste. You can't use the gel or colored toothpaste, so stick to basic generic toothpaste. Apply a little toothpaste to the fixture, scrub it with a soft toothbrush and rinse; dry it with a Bounty Paper Towels so that there aren't any watermarks.

Deodorize your home with lemons. You can mix natural lemon juice with baking soda and water to make a solution to clean your floors. You can also cut a lemon in half and rub it on a surface you need to clean. After cleaning a surface with a lemon half, you need to wipe the surface off with a wet towel. This serves as a great organic cleaning product and home cleaning solution. Not to mention, who doesn’t love the smell of lemons?

Remove scuffs from the floors, walls, and other surfaces using shaving cream. This is one of the least used money-saving tips, but ask anyone who has served in the military and you will soon learn that it is effective. Squirt some shaving cream on a scuff on the floor, or a crayon marker on the wall, let it set for a few minutes then wipe it off with a damp Bounty Paper Towels. You can also clean chrome with shaving cream.

Mix mild dish soap with water to clean almost anything else in your home. Most mild dish detergents are gentle enough to remove oil from wild animals, so it is likely safe for almost any surface in your home. There’s nothing like using homemade cleaning solutions to clean your house!