How To Clean and Sanitize Electronic Devices
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How to Clean Laptop Speakers

Make sure your child’s laptop is fully functional before school starts. Laptop speakers can pick up a lot of dirt, sometimes enough to affect the sound quality of the speakers. Things like particles of dirt, food, and even pet hair, end up clogging the holes in the speaker cover. You can often clean them without taking the laptop apart or taking them to a professional.

What You Need:

Bounty Paper Towels
Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol or All-Purpose Cleaner
Low Suction Vacuum


Step One: Disconnect Laptop from Power Source

Unhook everything on the laptop that is connected to a power source, including the laptop's battery to avoid getting shocked. Make sure your computer does not short out while you clean the laptop speakers.

Step Two: Dampen Paper Towel

Fold a Bounty paper towel and pour a drop of alcohol on it, about the size of a quarter. If you're using an all-purpose spray cleaner, mist a light layer of cleaner on the surface of the folded paper towel.

Step Three: Wipe Speaker Surface

Wipe the exterior of the speaker's cover to make sure you don't knock any extra dirt in the speaker holes while you're cleaning.

Wait until the speaker's covering dries completely.

Step Four: Capture Dirt Particles

Hold the vacuum straight up above the speaker cover and turn it on. Holding the vacuum upright will help to ensure the dirt particles lift straight out of the holes.

Fold another paper towel. Add a bit more alcohol or cleaner. Wipe the surface of the speaker's cover again.

Allow the freshly cleaned speakers to dry completely before restoring the power to the computer.

How to Safely Clean Smartphones and Tablets

With school starting it is important to make sure that your kids’ electronic devices are working properly. Unless they keep their devices in sleeves, and they wash their hands before touching them, chances are that you may need to know how to clean tablets or smartphones the safe way. These simple steps will guide you through the best method for cleaning tablets and smartphones without risking any damage to the device.

What You Need:

Microfiber Cloth
Lukewarm Water
Mild Liquid Hand Soap (Optional)
Bounty Paper Towels


Place your device on top of a Bounty paper towel, on a flat surface, to start your cleaning process.

Step One: Wipe the Surface

Wipe the exterior of your electronic device with a clean microfiber cloth. It is important to use a microfiber cloth, or something similar, so that no lint is left behind. Some other types of materials may also leave scratches on the screen.

For tough stains, such as food or makeup, turn off and unplug the device. If you can, remove the battery for added safety.

Step Two: Apply Dampened Cloth

Gently wipe down the stained area with the dampened microfiber cloth. If necessary, leave the stained section damp for a couple of minutes before wiping it down. It is important not to get the microphone or speaker too wet.

Final Steps:

• Use a dry section of the microfiber cloth to clean off your device.

• If a stain remains, you may want to make a soapy solution with a mild hand soap, and clean in the same method as in step 3.

• Wait a few minutes to be sure that the tablet or smartphone is completely dry. If you removed the battery, replace it and turn your device back on. Operate it as you usually do.

Cleaning Product Tips

• Never use household cleaners to clean tablets or smartphones, as they may strip the coating that is on some of the brands.