Why better hygiene begins with Bounty

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Why better hygiene begins with Bounty

Man wiping counter with Bounty paper towel next to a Bounty paper towel roll
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Remember that coffee spill you wiped up yesterday? Or that spoonful of yogurt from this morning? Remnants of those could still be still hiding in your used dishcloth. That’s right, those kitchen culprits could be spreading mess across your surfaces. And yes, they might look clean after one or two uses…but they could be deceptively dirty even after you’ve rinsed them.

In fact, used sponges and dishcloths are considered a major source of bacteria in the home, including traces of E. coli. And the reality is, dishcloths and sponges are likely not sanitized between every use.

The worst part is, if you’re reusing that sponge or dishcloth multiple times, they could be redepositing bacteria across your countertop, stove, fridge and other surfaces you’re cleaning. But with a fresh sheet of Bounty, it’s one and done. And because a fresh sheet is exactly that…fresh. Grabbing a fresh sheet leaves surfaces cleaner than a used dishcloth. See the difference in the blacklight comparison below.

Blacklight showing residual mess left behind from a used wet dishcloth vs a clean surface from a fresh wet sheet of Bounty paper towel

Don’t get us wrong, dishcloths can still have a decorative place in the home. But these days you can’t afford to be reusing and potentially spreading mess with them. So, when it comes to keeping your home healthy, the Quicker Picker Upper is the way to go. Its diamond-like texture also gives each sheet of Bounty the strength and durability of a dishcloth so you can tackle tough messes and clean with confidence.

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